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If you know what DNS stands for,
you’re qualified to take our job quiz*

* But not if you had to Google it

So. Here’s the deal. We’re called Digital Guidance, based in Metro Detroit, Michigan. And we’re looking for excellent IT professionals to join our team.

But it’s got to be someone special.

Because we have a really happy team of motivated technology superstars. They’re really focused on delivering the best customer experience.

And we want more of the same.

So you need to have the right balance of technical ability, and big smiley face. Lots of that “can do” attitude that people love.

We are looking for people who love to help and are capable and motivated to learn. We want to capitalize on what you already know but also equip you with a stack of training to get you even more skilled up quickly. And continuous training to stay at the top.

Yes, this means lots of new toys to play with.

Think it’s worth us talking?

Whatever you do, don’t send your CV. We get too many of those and don’t really read them, if we’re honest.

Instead, you need to email the answers to these 5 quiz questions, along with your name, and mobile number.

  1. What does DNS stand for?
  2. A customer’s server reboots every night at 8.15pm. Talk us through what could possibly be causing it
  3. Explain phishing as if you were talking to a 7-year-old
  4. If we gave you $10,000 tax-free cash (which we’re not going to), what would you spend it on and why
  5. iPhone or Android?

Want to submit your answers?

Email: hello@digitalguidance.com or submit the form below.

photo by fauxels from pexels

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