Equipping Your Team to Protect Your Business

How can I know my team is ready?

We all know that cybersecurity is important but who has time to figure out training, implementation and assessment? On the flip side, who on your team has time to take out to do more training? Yes, these are real obstacles. With Digital Guidance Protect, we make the training doable for you and your team AND provide a way to easily assess each person’s level of awareness with the Employee Security Score.

Annual Training

Our annual training encompasses a the latest cyber threats that can come through email, text, social media, attachments and even the cloud. This 45 minute training can be completed when it is convenient for your team. Quizzes are also part of the training and contribute to your employees’ security score (ESS).

Weekly Microtriaining

Every week your team will receive a short micro-training video and quiz. The micro-trainings keep cyber awareness at the forefront of your team’s mind. These weekly quizzes also contribute to each team member’s Employee Security Score.

Employee Security Score

Like a credit score, the Employee Security Score is a dynamic measure of each employee’s level of awareness and participation in training. This score also fosters friendly competition between team members to strive for the highest ESS score.

Is your team equipped to defend against cyber attacks?

We can help you with Cybersecurity Training