Breach Checker

Has your email account(s) been part of a
data breach?

How can I find out?

Scammers are targeting your business through you and your team through accounts you set up on other sites.

We are asked to set up accounts for loads of websites – each of which have an email address and password attached. If those sites get hacked, your email account and password are now in the hands of cyber criminals.

Email Breach Checker

Remember the passwords you would always use in the old days? Remember when you did not know your passwords could be used against you. This email and password breach checker will check to see if your email address, past and present, has been part of a data breach.

Just enter your email account address into the breach checker and if your email (then your password may be exposed) is listed, you can take steps to fix the situation.

We want to build our cybersecurity protocols