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  • Digital Reminders
    Digital Life Reminders

    It is easy to become absentminded about changes in our digital lives. Set reminders monthly to check bank account statements, credit reports, or other online accounts for unfamiliar changes.

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  • man looking through magnifying glass
    You are the first and last line of defense

    Digitally, there is no such thing as secure enough. Cybercriminals find new inventive ways to creep and hack their way into your world. You are the best security measure you have.

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  • Securot updates
    Are You Up to Date?

    Keeping up-to-date on the latest security threats and all software and hardware applications is integral to strong cybersecurity. Having trouble keeping up, get in touch with us — we can help.

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  • Downloading files
    Be Careful with Downloads

    One safety measure for downloading safely is to choose the process of custom installation, making sure to read each page, and declining anything that is not specifically for the application you are downloading.

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  • throwing away cell phone
    Disposing of Old Devices

    It is important to follow the best practices for personal device disposal. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones allow you to store a great deal of information. If they are not properly destroyed or sanitized your personal data could fall into the hands of cyber criminals.

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  • email-marketing-concept
    SLAM All Email

    Each email should be analyzed using the SLAM method – always look at the SENDER, the LINKS, the ATTACHMENTS, and the MESSAGE before clicking anything.

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  • Privacy
  • Cryptocurrency
    Be Careful Transferring Cryptocurrency

    When you are sending crypto to a friend or business, carefully verify the address is correct! We recommend that you use the QR functionality that most crypto exchanges offer

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  • social-network(1)
    Be Careful What You Share on Social Media

    Remember to limit the personal information you post online.
    The internet is a public resource; only post things that you are comfortable with others seeing.
    • Be wary of strangers friending you online.
    • Take advantage of social media sites’ privacy settings.

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  • usb
    Use USB Drives Safely

    Take advantage of security features like adding encryption to your USB drives to protect your data. Disable the Autorun feature. It can cause unwanted or harmful media to automatically open.

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