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This past year has been crazy. Like you, we have been hard at work developing different ways to better support our customers in remote environments. Our latest product I’d like to introduce to you is DG Alerts. DG Alerts is specifically designed to protect your computers against common issues that appear on desktop, laptops and even servers. When a problem appears on a device, we follow up with you to recommend a resolution. Sometimes they are simple fixes the client can take care of themselves—other times we take care of it on behalf of the client.

The service covers all your computers for the cost of 1 service hour per month. I’d love to jump on a call to discuss if this is the right solution for you and how we can better help protect your business.

Digital Guidance Alert monitors for these issues:

  • Backup errors
  • Last completed backup on Time Machine as well as 3rd party backup solutions
  • Disk input/output (I/O) errors (a precursor to a drive failure)
  • SMART errors
  • Boot disk selection changes
  • False mounts
  • Failing laptop batteries
  • Kernel panics
  • Faulty RAM
  • Report on excessive number of network errors
  • Unscheduled reboots
  • Failed power-on self-tests (POST)
  • Malware alerts
  • Root Capacity
  •  Server Software – availability, utilization, license expirations, proper backup functionality
  • Demographics – RAM, model number, OS & firmware versions, maximum OS version, processors, uptime, last check-in, Age of computer
  • Optional – status of computers that require high-availability with Beacon Reporting. An alert is triggered when a particular computer goes offline for the specified duration of time.

Does DG Alerts sound like what your business needs to avoid interruption in service and productivity? Drop us a line at or schedule a free 15-minute video conference to talk about your situation. We are here to help!

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