Strong Password Generator

Free tool: Check how long it would take to crack your password

The longer and more complex your password, the harder it will be for cybercriminals to crack it through brute force.

What’s that? It’s where automated software tries thousands of variations of passwords, until it finds the right one.

Check your password now. Enter it below and you’ll see how long it would take criminals to crack it. The longer, the better.

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If you need a better password, click Generate Password and we’ll create a random one for you. Make sure you use a password manager to remember it.

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Password strength is just the beginning of best practices for cyber security. We would be happy to help you institute a cyber security culture in your organization — starting with passwords but also making your staff the first line of defense against cyber threats. Contact us or schedule a 15-minute video call to explore how we can help you protect your organization.