Running a small business can be pure chaos. You have customers to follow up with, deals to close, projects to complete, meetings to schedule, and a million other things to do. Daylite helps you manage your customers, sales opportunities, projects, schedule, emails, and more–all in one app. It takes all that chaos and makes it clean, organized, and streamlined. You save time, accomplish more, and work happier.

Work smarter with everything under one roof.

Project Management

Plan and prioritize projects with your whole team. Track projects with simple pipelines. Link emails, notes, people, and more to your projects.


View your whole team’s calendar. Schedule appointments from anywhere. Link notes and emails to meetings so you’re always prepared.

Email Integration

Save emails in Daylite and link them to customers, projects, appointments, and more. Schedule meetings and create tasks in Daylite right from Apple Mail.


Share contacts, emails, and more with your whole team. Delegate tasks. View your team’s schedules and task lists. Share projects and sales opportunities.


Integrate Daylite with other apps for mail blasts, web forms, accounting, phone systems, and more.

Work Anywhere

Access your info anywhere, anytime. Sync your Mac, iPhone & iPad. Connect with your team’s Apple devices. Even work without Internet.

Customer Relationships

View a timeline of all communication–emails, calls, appointments, and more. Automate follow ups. Link people together to track referrals.


Task Management

Get more done. Prioritize your day. Create tasks on the go. Delegate tasks to team members. Set reminders so nothing slips through the cracks.

Sales Opportunities

Capture every lead and attach a price tag. Automate next steps to push the deal forward. Review sales reports to know what’s happening.

At Digital Guidance, we use Daylite to keep our clients, prospects, projects, contacts and more organized. We would love to share with you the benefits of this software package. If you are interested in exploring the capabilities of Daylite, please drop us a note at or schedule a 15-min not obligation video call. We are here to help!

Our Philosophy

To provide exceptional customer support and pursue long term relationships with small and medium sized businesses helping them get the most out of their investment in Apple technologies

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