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Digital Guidance is an official provider of Backblaze cloud backup solutions. Backblaze is for both Mac and PCs. Lost data means lost time, lost revenue and loads of stress. Take these simple steps today to get a backup solution in place for your organization and rest easy confident in knowing your data is protected.


Backblaze is cloud backup for just a few workstations to hundreds of desktops and mobile devices. With advanced administrative controls, your organization will have custom configurations scaled to your needs and have ransomware protection so your data is not at risk.


Your personal data and information is also at risk – maybe even greater risk because it is less likely to have a backup. Of course, we always think of malware and ransomware being the culprit in data loss but what about a loss of a laptop, a damaged phone, or a home device that goes belly up. Consider all the sensitive documents, photos and memories that could be wiped away in an instant. Backblaze provides the coverage we need for our personal devices also.

Top Features


You have full control of when and how many devices are backed up at one time.


Tap into the Backblaze to dashboard from your iOs or Android device to have instant access to files.

Find My

In the event of a lost or stolen device, Backblaze provides tools to locate your device and recover its data.


Access multiple user’s backup accounts from one central dashboard for maximum administrative control.


In the event you have to restore data to a particular date  or version, Backblaze offers this feature.

Fast & Easy Data

Restoring data that has been lost is a snap with Backblaze. Simply select the latest backup or a specific version, you will be up and running in no time.

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