Customize Lock Screen with Favorite Photo Albums on Your iPhone or iPad

How to: Customize Lock Screen on iPhone & iPad

Summary: Here is how to customize your lock screen on your iPhone. You can use the Photo Shuffle option on your favorite photo album.

A popular feature of iOS 16 was the Photo Shuffle option from the Photo album for customizing the iPhone Lock Screen. It used machine learning to select photos in four categories—People, Pets, Nature, and Cities—and rotated through them when you tapped, on lock, hourly, or daily.

If you didn’t like the automatic selection, you could pick photos manually, but it was clumsy.

How to Customize Lock Screen

In iOS 17 (and iPadOS 17, which also added customizable Lock Screens), you can now point the Lock Screen’s Photo Shuffle wallpaper at an album.

Touch and hold the Lock Screen, tap Customize, tap the blue ⨁ button to create a new wallpaper, select Photo Shuffle, select Album, choose the desired album from the pop-up menu, set a frequency, tap Use Album, and tap the Add button at the top.

Then tap Set as Wallpaper Pair or Customize Home Screen to choose a different image for the Home Screen wallpaper.

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Customize Lock Screen with Photo Album on iPhone or iPad
How to customize lock screen with images from photo album on iPhone and iPad

(Featured image by Adam Engs