Have you considered: Inexpensive IT support could financially devastate your business

The ultra affordable price catches your attention. You need IT support but cash flow is tight. Have you been there?

We have all learned the lesson, “you get what you pay for.” Sometimes it ends up costing us twice as much because the first “deal” did not deliver or was low value.

Going for the cheap option can be a painful lesson in business.  Especially when it comes to your business IT support provider, choosing a cut-price version could really come back to bite you and your staff.

When considering hiring an IT support provider keep in mind what you need them to provide – do not get distracted by the excellent, shiny, inexpensive price tag.

IT support providers should provide at a minimum the following services :

  • setting up and maintaining the infrastructure
  • monitoring and maintaining your network and systems
  • keeping everything updated and patched when needed
  • helpdesk! they need to be there for you when something goes wrong

All of this doesn’t come cheap. Or rather, it shouldn’t.

The problem is, if you go with the incredible deal (super cheap support), it is highly likely that all of these elements are not included or not performed properly or even worse they charge extra for services that should be part of the package.

You do not want your business to be paralyzed by problems and not be able to get your IT support to help ASAP. Not attending to these basic items listed above can catastrophic for a business like yours.

Here is the potential reality of going with the “great deal”:

• Being left vulnerable to all kinds of cyber-attack
• Suffering far more downtime that you need to be
• Facing higher costs to recover from unexpected problems

Ask yourself: Are you paying enough for your IT support and what are you getting for it?

We have heard of many stories of IT support companies not delivering and leaving businesses like yours – stuck trying to solve the issue or frantically trying to find someone to help (which ends up costing more in the long run).

We have heard the stories where an IT support company took months to resolve problems… created new issues while trying to fix something… and who made cyber criminals’ jobs a whole lot easier by neglecting basic security measures.

All of these sad stories had one common theme: They thought they were getting a great deal when they started working with these cheaper IT support suppliers. The business relationship seems great when everything seems to be running fine. Only to find out – the IT support provider was not equip to solve the problems that can take down a business.

While none of these disasters were caused maliciously by the previous supplier, I would hate to see another business held back because of a poor buying decision.

If these scenarios sound familiar or if If you are not receiving the level of service you think you should be getting from your IT support provider (I’m talking about IT support that seems to be holding you back more than helping – with long response times and too many calls to the help desk), it is time to consider: “Are we paying enough for our IT support?”

Two Options to help you in evaluating IT support:

  1. December Guide: Are you paying your IT partner enough?
  2. Schedule a free no obligation video chat to discuss your IT needs

We would like to help determine if you have the right level of support you need for your business. We are offering businesses an IT audit, to help you see which areas of your IT are working well for you, and which areas are being neglected.

My team of experts will talk to you about your business, your network and infrastructure, and any problems that you’ve been having. Then they’ll be able to t identify the areas that could cause issues in the near future.

We’ll do all of this for no charge.

Before we go ahead, we need to have a quick video call (no more than 15 minutes) to discuss your business, and answer your questions.

It’s really easy to arrange this. A link to my live calendar is below. Take a look and select the appointment date and time that suits you best.

There’s no obligation to go ahead with the check after we talk. And no obligation to buy anything, ever.

Book your 15 minute video call today!

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