It’s time to say goodbye to Windows 10 | Edu Guide for July

Windows 10 is ending - what now?

Next year, we’ll say a final farewell to Windows 10 as it reaches end of life.

Microsoft is stopping support. This means no new tools or features, and no more security updates.

If you’re still using Windows 10 in your business, now’s the time to act so you avoid any last-minute panic… or putting your data at unnecessary risk.

In our latest guide we explain the options your business has, as well as what you need to consider for each one.

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Get in touch with us – we can conduct a technology audit to determine the best avenue to take with your Windows 10 machines. We can discuss options like hardware and software changes, the pro and cons with paying for security patches, and determining costs associated with upgrading to Windows 11.

July Guide - Windows 10 ending