April 2024 Newsletter

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This month topics:

  • Practical Tips for Email Management: Useful tip for managing emails using the “snooze” function in Outlook to help keep inboxes organized.
  • Cybersecurity Insight: An in-depth section on password security, stressing the risks of password reuse and providing concrete steps to enhance password practices, such as conducting audits, blocking weak passwords, and implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
  • Technology Updates:
    • Hot Patching in Windows 11: A new method that Microsoft is testing to install critical updates without needing to reboot the system.
    • AI-Powered Editing Tools: An upcoming feature in Windows 10 and 11 that borrows from Google Pixel’s capabilities to remove and alter photo backgrounds using AI.
  • Tech Fun Facts and Trivia: April trivia about the number of websites, internet and social media users, and engaging facts about tech usage in Japan. Take our fun tech quiz covering historical and contemporary tech topics.
  • Break/Fix vs. Contracted IT Support: The benefits of moving from a break/fix IT support model to a contracted partnership, emphasizing predictability, proactive support, and peace of mind for businesses.
  • Gadget Highlight: The EMEET OfficeCore M0 Plus, a business gadget aimed at improving conference call quality, is reviewed.
  • And More

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