3 things your business must look for in a password manager

Password managers are amazing pieces of software. They make it easy for you and your staff to stick to password best practice, while saving you time. Everyone wins.

Have you considered a password manager for your organization? Digital Guidance is a provider of LastPass, one of the leading password managers available. Taking this small step will help you build a strong line of defense against cyber criminals.

In addition to password managers, Digital Guidance provides cybersecurity awareness training. It is relevant, doable and provides measurable feedback as to where your team stands in cybersecurity. Now is a great time to begin planning for the implementation of cybersecurity training.

Please drop us a note at hello@digitalguidance.com or schedule a 15-minute no obligation video call if you would like to explore cybersecurity protocols or check out Digital Guidance Protect. We are here to help your business succeed.

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