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From the beginning, the philosophy of Digital Guidance was to provide exceptional IT support. Through customer support, we pursue long term relationships with small and medium sized businesses helping them get the most out of their technology.

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  • Cable Management
    Quick Cable Management Tips

    Cable Management!! Do you have a rat’s nest of random cables behind your Mac? Our quick tips to bring order to the mess, reduce the chance of accidents, and avoid degraded data signals.

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It is time to take
cybersecurity seriously

What actions are we taking to strengthen our defenses against the constant cyber threats posed by criminals, including ransomware and phishing attacks?

Protect your business by providing your team with cybersecurity awareness training and enhancing your security practices. Explore Digital Guidance Protect, an accessible and practical cybersecurity training solution.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Suite ~
Training, Monitoring & Testing

It is time to take steps to beef up your cybersecurity defenses. We have relevant, do-able, and effective cybersecurity training for your team. Our cybersecurity suite includes video based annual training, weekly micro training, dark web monitoring and phishing simulations. We take the guess work and leg work out of cybersecurity training, contact us today.

Cybersecurity Suite Pricing

1-10 members : $1299 per year

11-20 members: $1499 per year

21-50 members: $1599 per year

51-100  members: $2000 per year

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We address your issues as you would, if you could.


We understand the need for continual progress and can bring our knowledge and industry best practices to your business

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We equip you to understand your technology and use it to its total capability.

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We become your partner, will be there when you need us, and will go the distance with you.

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We want to equip you with great information

Not only do we want to help you one on one with your Apple and Windows technology, we are a great resource for tech news, tips, resources and education. There is loads “out there” to wade through — we do the work for you by posting it on our blog.

We also have a terrific monthly newsletter that is an easy and informative resource.

Premier IT Support for Apple and Windows

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We help solve technology issues for a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

  • Very Small Business (1-5 people)
  • Small Business
  • Mid Range Businesses
  • Non profits & Religious Organizations
  • Schools
  • Consultants & Freelancers

Let’s talk about how we can make your technology work more efficiently for you.

Windows 10 is Ending . . . Here are your options | Edu Guide

Next year we’ll say a final farewell to Windows 10 as it reaches end of life.

Microsoft is stopping support. This means no new tools or features, and no more security updates.

If you’re still using Windows 10 in your business, now’s the time to act so you avoid any last-minute panic… or putting your data at unnecessary risk.

In our latest guide we explain the options your business has, as well as what you need to consider for each one.

Download your free copy right now.